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Why Innobox is formed?

"Innobox" is an team formed and organized by engineering students, sharing the same intention of enlightening the young minds with the tool to upgrade themselves and to explore the bright side of technology and society by their vision provided by us. Innobox makes the students to think in their own way and act as a catalyst to trigger their creativity, innovation and breakthrough.

In a class, each student has different minds, different strengths, different skills. Can we teach the same thing to all students ? if a doctor prescribe same medicine for every patient the result will be lethal . Same thing is happening in our class room . Nowadays our education system train us to become an employee rather than making an employer. One employer can able to provide 1000 vacancies in employee thus see how much employability rate will increase in India. . Innobox make us to think as a employer and teaches variety of science behind the science.